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Private hospital in Gurugram booked for medical negligence, overcharging | News from Gurgaon

GURUGRAM: A private DLF-3 hospital has been booked for alleged medical negligence and overcharging of a Covid-19 patient.
The hospital is accused of negligence in the treatment of the patient, which would have led to his infection with mucormycosis (black fungus). The hospital also allegedly overcharged him for oxygen and medication.
Gaurav Kumar (31) was admitted to DLF-3’s RBS Nathupur Hospital on May 5 in the Covid intensive care unit (without ventilator). His family alleged that proper treatment was not provided to him and that due to excessive administration of steroids, unsanitary oxygen equipment and negligent conduct of the hospital, Kumar developed a black fungus.
TOI contacted RBS Hospital for comment but did not get a response.
“The hospital illegally charged Rs 6,000 per day for the oxygen supply in violation of government standards. At that time, the government had set the price at Rs 8,000 per day for Covid intensive care (without ventilator) in private hospitals. The hospital, in collusion with its pharmacy, robbed the patient’s family and charged around Rs 85,000 for drugs purchased at his pharmacy, ”said Amit Sahni, the patient’s family lawyer.
The family alleged that although Kumar was admitted to hospital on May 5, he was unlawfully charged with drugs from May 4. “We are concerned that the drugs mentioned in the bill have not been administered to the patient, because the patient has not recovered from Covid to date despite such large doses of drugs,” said a relative .
On May 7, the patient had a nosebleed and doctors gave him injections to stop the bleeding. He later developed nasal obstruction and had difficulty breathing. “We complained about the nasal obstruction to the hospital staff and the doctor, but they ignored it and suggested inhaling steam. The nasal obstruction worsened, but the RBS doctors paid no attention. Large doses of steroids continued to be administered, ”the family member added.
Unable to get satisfactory treatment for the nasal obstruction, Kumar was transferred to the hospital in Paras on May 10, where doctors confirmed he had a black fungus in the nasal area. Kumar underwent surgery for mucormycosis on May 13. The patient is still admitted to the hospital in Paras and is undergoing treatment for black fungus and other related infections that are believed to have been caused during treatment with RBS. “We are under enormous financial pressure as the black fungus has developed due to the negligence of the RBS hospital,” the parent said.
Kumar’s family lodged a complaint with the police in July, but no FIR was filed. They then went to court. On October 1, Chief Justice Anil Kaushik ordered the police to register an FIR. A complaint was eventually filed against RBS Hospital and others, which have not yet been identified, under Articles 420 (deception) and 338 (negligent act endangering human life) of the IPC in the DLF-2 police station on Sunday.

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