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The nation can only move forward through innovation and research: Minister of Health of Karnataka

Karnataka Health Minister K Sudhakar said on Tuesday that a nation can only move forward through innovation and research and urged universities to prioritize research activities. He was speaking after the inauguration of the new digital learning management system at the Institute of Cardiovascular Science and Research in Jayadeva.

“Our universities should focus on research and development. It was the University of Oxford that developed the vaccine against COVID-19. There are many medical schools, but the focus should be on improving the quality of teaching and learning. Many students want to be a doctor, but only a few are ready to go into research. This must change, ”said the Minister. He said Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken the initiative to establish the Indian Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in each state and the state government is also committed to providing quality health care at the district level of Karnataka.

“So we are creating four new medical schools. We also recently launched the Atal Bihari medical school,” he added. He stressed that every district must have a quality cardiac care facility.

“The Jayadeva Institute has grown on a par with any other corporate hospital. Patients receive excellent health care here. We have to think about why not all public hospitals can provide the same quality health care to people. Every public hospital, every government doctor must consider Jayadeva as a model and improve the quality of service, ”said the minister. (ANI)

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