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Uttarakhand government increases MBBS internship allowance to Rs 17,000 per month – The New Indian Express

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DEHRADUN: The government of Uttarakhand has approved increasing the monthly allowance of 330 MBBS medical interns in the state from Rs 7,500 per month to Rs 17,000 per month.

After the decision, Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami said, “Our medical and paramedical staff have worked hard to save lives in this time of pandemic. We cannot thank them for their service as their contribution is invaluable.

On July 8, 2021, the HC also took note of the issue of state medical interns receiving the lowest monthly allowance in the country. The court ordered the state government to consider the possibility of increasing the allowance paid to trainee doctors.

“According to the Secretary of State for Health Amit Negi, on the one hand, it is difficult to attract doctors to the state, and yet, on the other hand, the allowance paid to trainee doctors is too low by compared to other states. Therefore, the state government should consider the possibility of increasing the salaries of trainee doctors, ”the court observed in the July 8 order.

Dr Astha Gupta, intern at Veer Chandra Singh Garhwali Govt. Institute of Medical Science & Research, Srinagar said, “I thank the Honorable Chief Minister for this. I am also grateful to everyone who has supported our intern groups across the state. It is a huge mark of respect and encouragement for us.

Prior to that, the allowance was revised in 2011 when it increased from Rs 2,500 to Rs 7,500. Medical students who complete their MBBS course must complete a compulsory 12 month internship as per the standards of the Medical Council of India.

Previously, their monthly allowance was the lowest in the country. The interns have been asking for it for months and are on indefinite strike.

To date, 330 interns work in three state government medical schools – 194 at Doon Medical College, 97 in Srinagar, and 99 at Dr Susheela Tiwari Government Medical College and Hospital, Haldwani.

Medical interns were only paid Rs 7,500 per month, which means only Rs 250 per day as the lowest allowance in India. They haven’t been paid for a month and a half either.

In Uttar Pradesh, medical interns receive Rs 12,500 / month while in Tamil Nadu and Telangana it is Rs 20,000. Haryana and Himachal pay Rs 17,000 to medical interns, while that at AIIMS-Delhi, the allowance is set at 28,000 per month.

Many had raised derisory sum objections calling the allowance of Rs 250 per day too low and meager. A candlelight march was also organized by interns across the state in June this year in protest.

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