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World Arthritis Day 2021 | Arthritis Myths and Facts

World Arthritis Day 2021: Rheumatic ailments have existed since ancient times and are even mentioned in Ayurvedic texts. Arthritis causes significant morbidity, poor quality of life and affects a person’s productivity, resulting in loss of livelihood and increasing the socio-economic burden on our society.Also read – What is cerebral palsy? Symptoms, Causes Treatment, Explained | Watch the video

Dr Aneesa Kapadia, DNB (Gen Med), MRCPUK, SCE in Consultant Rheumatologist, Masina Hospital sheds light on the myths and facts about arthritis. Also Read – Foods That Boost Mood: These Healthy Foods That Can Immediately Improve Your Mood | Watch the video

Arthritis literally means painful inflammation and stiffness in the joints that cause disease. Also Read – Signs And Symptoms Of Breast Cancer In Addition To The Lump

Myth 1: Arthritis only affects the elderly?

Arthritis can affect patients of any age group. Young children, adults in their prime as well as the elderly can be affected by arthritis.

Myth 2: My family member has arthritis, will I have it too?

Some conditions, especially ankylosing spondylitis, psoriatic arthritis, and lupus, affect multiple family members. However, this is never 100% and should not cause premature worry as there is no way to predict it.

Myth 3: Acidic foods make arthritis symptoms worse

This is a very common misconception. There is no evidence that acidic foods make arthritis worse, and you don’t need to avoid these foods. Only patients with gout should avoid certain foods such as red meat, seafood, alcoholic beverages, and other foods containing purines.

Myth 4: My hands and feet will deform

Untreated arthritis can lead to deformities. However, with early diagnosis and treatment, it can be avoided. Most arthritis patients lead functional and productive lives.

Myth 5: There is no cure for arthritis

Advances in medical science have led to the discovery of many new drugs. Some of these drugs are a game-changer in the treatment of rheumatic diseases. When used properly under expert supervision and supervision, most patients do very well. Adverse events, when noted, are related to long-term use of pain relievers and steroids which can be avoided if the right drugs are started at the right time.

Fact 1: There is no cure for arthritis in any branch of medicine

Arthritis like any other chronic disease eg diabetes, hypertension, thyroid disorder cannot be cured. However, drugs can provide very good control so that the patient can live a normal and pain-free life.

Fact 2: Medication May Be Needed Long Term

Although the drugs will need to be taken long term, the doses may be reduced once the disease is controlled. Natural remission can occur and if it does, the drugs can be stopped. However, this is extremely individualized and depends on patient to patient.

Fact 3: Non-medical measure for the treatment of arthritis.

Regular exercise, eating a healthy and balanced diet, and maintaining a normal body weight can go a long way in delaying or controlling your arthritis.

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